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iotex-antenna is our SDK allowing you to interact with a local or remote iotex blockchain node, using a gRPC or gRPC-web connection.



nvm use 10.15.1
npm install

# test
# prepare flow type definitions
npm run flow-install
# run all tests
npm run test
# run a single test file
npm run ava ./path/to/test-file.js

To run a single test case, follow instructions here.


  • npm run build: build source code from src to dist
  • npm publish: publish code to npm
  • npm run changelog-patch bump version patch (bug fixes)
  • npm run changelog-minor bump version minor (new features)
  • npm run changelog-major bump version major (breaking change)

Update Proto

  1. pre request
    npm install grpc
    npm install grpc-web
    npm install protoc

npm i grpc-web

 (original link: https://github.com/grpc/grpc-web/tree/master/packages/grpc-web)
 Download protoc and the protoc-gen-grpc-web protoc plugin.
 You can download the protoc binary from the official protocolbuffers release page.

 You can download the protoc-gen-grpc-web protoc plugin from our Github release page.

 Make sure they are both executable and are discoverable from your PATH.

 For example, in MacOS, you can do:
$ sudo mv ~/Downloads/protoc-gen-grpc-web-1.0.3-darwin-x86_64 \
$ chmod +x /usr/local/bin/protoc-gen-grpc-web
  1. copy proto files(api.proto,action.proto,blockchain.proto,endorsement.proto,account.proto) from iotex-core master branch to /iotex-antenna/src/proto/

  2. Run

    npm run build-proto

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